Better Manage Your Tasks and Decisions with One Simple Step

CC theFollowApp on your actionable emails it automatically:

Converts all your to-dos into a single smart-list

Follows up with your assignees

Reports back to you on progress and overdue items


Watch this short video to see how it works.

Armed with theFollowApp, nothing will slip by you or your management team unnoticed. You’ll get the vision and power to know exactly how your assignments are progressing. You’ll even be able to make critical reassignments in real-time when needed. Using theFollowApp is like having your own virtual assistant.

Get the Knowledge and Feedback to Manage Effectively

Manage the Unexpected

Use theFollowApp to assign a task to an employee, sub-contractor or a business partner and theFollowAPP will keep you up-to-date until the assignment is finished. If someone drops the ball, quits or is unexpectedly out sick, you have the knowledge you need to instantly reassign the work so it can resume from where it stopped.

Get Details in One Combined List

theFollowApp manages all your to-dos and gives you all the information and tools you need to be certain that nothing “falls through the cracks.” When you leave the office at night, you won’t have questions hanging over your head. You can enjoy your time off knowing that all the things you need to tackle the next business day are all combined into one complete list..

Stop Sending Reminders

As your virtual personal assistant, theFollowAPP will relentlessly remind your employees and business partners about open tasks you assigned to them. It will get their input and compile a list of to-dos for you and them in real-time. And best of all, it never forgets!

Waste Less Time

Using theFollowApp can help you cut down on status calls and follow-up emails. And you won’t have to waste precious time scanning emails for open to-dos either. This not only gives you peace of mind, but also gives you a tremendous competitive edge by giving you more time to grow your business.

Key Features of theFollowApp for managers

24/7 Access from Anywhere
theFollowApp is a cloud-based service that works from your smartphone, personal computer or tablet so you can access it from anywhere at any time. All you need is an internet connection, and all the information is synced instantly between all your devices.
Instant Feedback
No more wondering what’s finished and what isn’t. With theFollowApp, you can easily collaborate and share tasks with business partners, employees, sub-contractors and anyone else you choose. You will get instant feedback and can share it instantly with those on your team. Your team members do not need to sign up for theFollowApp for you to use the application.
Smart Reminders
You can trust and rely on theFollowApp because it never forgets. And it doesn’t overwhelm you with too many messages either. You will get only the reminders you need.
People Management
With theFollowApp, you can manage your personnel and projects more effectively. With feedback from theFollowApp, you’ll know who has too much on their plate and who can take over a job that needs to be done right away. With theFollowApp, you’ll always know who to tap for an assignment.
Uncompromising Security
Your information is secure with theFollowApp application because it is hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. AWS is the preeminent provider of cloud hosting, is regularly audited and has achieved ISO 27001 certification, a standard for security in information management systems.
Easy-to-Understand Language
theFollowApp responds naturally using simple, easy-to-understand phrases like: "task completed", "I'm working on that", "change due date" etc...

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Premium Plan
unlimited messages
unlimited data
unlimited assignees
Nothing to install
Quickly sign up and you’re ready to go. There’s no need to install anything. Just CC on any emails about important tasks that you want to track.
No Credit Card Required
Start using theFollowApp now. No payment, no credit card and no long-term contracts are required.
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